Easily audit your Adwords account with custom rules

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Google makes life easier for advertisers with this new feature in AdWords Editor 12. Now you can see at a glance what optimizations to add for each campaign.

Adwords Editor Custom Rules

This innovation can be found in the left column of Editor. By default, notifications are triggered when you have fewer than 4 sitelinks or callout extensions, when you apply manual bidding, or when you don’t use search audiences or conversion tracking. It’s also possible while you are conducting an audit, to optimize your A/B test: a notification is also visible when your ad groups contain fewer than 3 ads.
In addition to these default rules, you can also create your own personalised alerts to further manage the health of your account.
For instance, you can create an alert based on the quality score of the keywords used in your account: Click on « Add a custom rule ». Choose a title and a message to be displayed for this rule, the field of application (keywords in this example ) and the criterion which will prompt the message of non-compliance (quality level below 7). You can also choose a level of importance for the alert: « Warning by Notification » or « Blocking Integration ».
Now, when you return to the keyword level in the « Manage » tab, any keywords whose quality score is below par will show an alert icon.

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