A new attribution model available on Adwords

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Since the end of May, it is now possible to choose from a menu of six different attribution models, which now includes a data-driven model.

What is the Data-Driven model?

We know that today’s typical user clicks an average of 4 ads before converting. Yet 90% of advertisers are still operating a Last click model, which is equivalent to allocating 100% of the sale to the last click. Unlike other models, this data-driven model employs dynamic algorithms which calculate the real influence of each click. That means you will no longer have to rely on rule-based attribution, but can use intelligent attribution instead – a change which will thus allow you to steer your Adwords campaigns more effectively.


To access this new template, you will need a minimum of 600 conversions and 15,000 clicks per month for your account to be eligible.
Once the template is in place, your conversion statistics will be modified so that your results reflect this change. You’ll be able to adjust your bids based on this new setting, and if you’re using Google’s automatic bidding, then your bids will also be automatically optimized in line with the new template.