Learn about SEO – SEA, or develop your present understanding, through technical or marketing modules adapted to all. Our philosophy is all about sharing knowledge !

These sessions are organized regularly and scheduled in advance. Our courses bring together a maximum of fifteen participants from different companies, who will all follow the same programme of study. This format helps to promote exchanges between people from different backgrounds, thus helping to create a rich training environment and a unique opportunity to share experience with other professionals. Inter-company sessions take place only in Paris, and with training costs shared between several companies, this works out as the most affordable training option.


SEO and SEA courses for employees from the same company which aim to focus on the specific needs of the company

If you need to train several people on your team and/or require a more personalised training programme, then our ‘intra’ formula is for you. The Search Foresight Training Centre will help you choose the most appropriate training program. While intra training can be based upon our existing modules, we can also set up more individually tailored sessions to meet particular requirements. Intra courses can be held in Paris and in the provinces, or even abroad. This formula is particularly suitable and even abroad. This formula is particularly suitable if you want to “evangelize” your teams to digital technologies, SEO, SEA, SEO-SEA synergy, Web Analytics. It is possible to arrange multi-mode schedules which combine some general-audience modules with other modules designed to address specific groups within your teams (developers, marketing, digital managers …). The intra format also allows for more generic operational training …

At Search Foresight, we believe that the more our clients upgrade their workforce skills, the more interesting the projects they will ask us to deliver. That’s why, in part, our activities also seek to evangelise all Internet players and raise awareness of SEO techniques and the evolution of search engines. We do this through conferences, the publication of articles and white papers, and by arranging thematic “breakfasts” which bring together our present and prospective clients. But a dedicated training experience remains the best method for effectively transmitting knowledge. And to enhance your teams’ skills, our Training Centre offers numerous training modules on SEO, SEM, SMO, Web Analytics and digital strategies.

Modules which can be adapted for every audience

Our training modules are divided into 3 basic levels:

  • Discovery: for participants who are discovering the topic for the first time
  • Development: for professionals who want to progress, acquire new knowledge and learn more advanced techniques
  • Advanced: for an experienced audience who want to discover state-of- the art subject, advanced techniques and methodologies as practised by our consultants

If you wish, we can provide you with a knowledge assessment quiz which will help you determine which module and level would be most suitable for your employees.

Choose whichever training format suits you best: “Inter” and “intra” are training-jargon terms describing sessions organized according to a ‘fixed menu’ principle or ‘à la carte’ options.

An approved training organization!

At Search Foresight, evaluating, training and then evolving is something we do on a daily basis. We simply make this expertise available to our clients’ Digital, Marketing, Communication and Human Resources departments.

Our trainers

Our trainers are experienced consultants who are also trained in Search Foresight’s teaching methods. Their educational practice is based on many years of experience gained from numerous clients, and as often as possible is grounded in practical experiences. Please feel free to ask questions during training sessions: whatever your question, it is more than likely they will be able to give you operational advice they have already implemented in real projects.

OPCA funded courses

The Research Foresight Training Centre is registered with the Prefect of the Ile de France region under ref. No. 11 92 19524 92. Our training sessions are therefore eligible for OPCA funding, so please contact us if you require further details. We will help you build the application for funding with the organization to which you are attached.


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