Customized services, oriented towards obtaining results

Leading in the success of your objectives, SEO or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and aims to improve your visibility to position your site on the front page of search engines. Search Foresight has the solution to guarantee you effective results!

Our tailor-made services cover the full range of classic SEO missions. Depending on your needs, your time constraints and your budget, Search Foresight intervenes in the identification of sites that will generate qualified traffic. Our experienced team of consultants accompanies you throughout the management of your project related to Search Marketing. Thanks to performance tools, know-how inspired by the latest trends in SEO, our experts work hand in hand to ensure you an SEO to meet your expectations.

SEO Strategy and Accompanying Methods

From the technical and structural audit to the decriminalization audit, our consultants analyze and screen your digital device through customized solutions.

Optimization of the internal mesh – Facets management

The hypertext structure of a website is the cornerstone of a good SEO on the internet and yet it is often neglected. We start from the analysis of your current internal network to write recommendations to link your pages optimally.

Keyword analysis and discovery – semantic audits

The identification of the expressions constituting your “semantic core” constitutes the expressions on which it is a priority to position yourself. Our tools allow us to accurately determine the potential of each keyword, through indicators of search volume, seasonality, competition, and conversions.

Netlinking and decriminalization actions

Netlinking is a crucial lever in SEO when it comes to boosting your performance. It contributes to the calculation of page rankings and consequently your site`s popularity. Our audits analyze your incoming linkage profile and that of your competitors to identify the links you are missing. If your site has been penalized by a Google update due to fake links to your site, such as Google Penguin, Search Foresight can help you too. Our decriminalization audits help identify the reasons for your penalty and offer you an action plan to recover your traffic.

SMO – Social referencing

Google’s main project, social research is the essential lever to face the competition. Our SMO audit will point out the necessary strategies to put in place in order to promote social sharing on the websites and the possible cooperative interactions between SEO and social.

Local Search Optimization – Local Search

Like social search, Local Search results are personalized based on the geolocation of the user. The integration of Google Maps in the results pages has changed the appearance of its behavior the behavior of the user. Some queries have higher clickthrough rates on integrated Google Maps results than on the first position. The interest is therefore twofold: targeted results with higher clickthrough rates to gain a competitive advantage.

SEO optimization for mobile and referencing apps and their content

In 2015, the number of mobile searches will exceed those on a computer. The use of the mobile phone for research on the internet is fully democratized, it is no longer a trend but obvious! Do you have a mobile version of your site? Is your mobile version optimized for SEO? Our mobile experts will give you their best advice so that your mobile version gets the best performance in this new market!

Universal Search Optimization and Optimization on Vertical Engines

Universal search has upset the structure of Google results posted to users. This combination of results texts, images, addresses, videos, news etc. induces new SEO techniques. Being visible on different vertical engines, and thanks to this in the default results pages, is your best chance to occupy the field and leave very little space for competitors! Our audit will spot your global visibility on the universal research and point out growth sites in order to increase your visibility.


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