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A Sponsored Links campaign is the strategy which will deliver almost instant results for your brand, enabling you to achieve your precise goals and performance metrics. Indeed, focused SEO in this context will provide you with an instant conversion lever which will boost your targeted visibility.

Our SEA experts will take care of finding the best and most affordable strategy to meet your needs by exploring all the options to raise your visibility on Google.

Google Adwords, the essential tool

A technique highly valued by e-commerce brands, Google Adwords has become an essential tool to support the generation of optimal traffic volumes. Thanks to its powerful features, Google Adwords can make your site visible on the first page right from the start of your campaign.

A specialized SEA consultant will then monitor and manage your sponsored campaign on a daily basis. With a dedicated mentor supporting you throughout the project, you are guaranteed to receive personalized reporting and advice covering every aspect of your sales initiative.


Maximise your chances of getting better product sales online

Boost your sales


Do you want to improve your e-commerce products catalogue via Google and boost your sales while controlling your costs? Our Search Foresight experts can work with you to implement an effective e-commerce strategy via the Google Shopping platform.

Improve your campaigns with Google Merchant Centre

The enhanced presentation of your products requires efficient flow management via the Google Merchant Centre. Search Foresight expertise is used to leverage data related to your products which can then be made available on Google Ads. This will make your Google Shopping campaign far more efficient, improve your paid SEO, and thus win you more potential buyers.

Improve your performance

Search Foresight’s SEA experts will guide you through every stage of presenting your products on the web to ensure they are showcased in accordance with your ROI strategy.

Google optimization tools

Our SEA teams will collaborate with you on a daily basis to develop and refine innovative performance tools designed to enhance your campaigns.


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