Pilot your growth thanks to scoreboards of your main performance indicators and visibility SEO and analytics.

Reports and dashboards

logo_reportingIdentify company objectives, define  the associated KPIs, develop clear dashboards as real decision aids, and operational reports all this requires a know-how and an experience which our consultants can share with you so you can make the most of all the data streams available in this digital age.

Technical assistance

Our consultants can help you to implement and configure the main web analytics solutions of the market: Omniture, Google Analytics, At Internet …

Tagging plans

Web analytics depends on accurate data feeds, which in turn demands a rigorous tagging plan. We can help you define a tagging plan tailored to your needs. We can also control through our tools the quality of the implementation and debug any problems identified during our audits.

Tag management

Tracking tags are multiplying on websites and managing them becomes a technical nightmare. Tag management solutions (Tealium, Tag Commander, Google Tag Manager …) are there to help you. Our teams can advise you in the deployment and operational implementation of these solutions.


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