Creating effective visibility through an iterative process of analysis and optimization of the conversion rate.

Web Analytics et Conversions


Improving the visibility of a website loses all sense if we are not able to measure it. And furthermore, if the additional traffic you acquire does not convert it represents a loss for your business. So improving visibility is a cycle which involves two essential stages: a web analysis and conversion optimization.

Web Analytics

Depending on your requirements, configuring a site-centric tool can be a real headache. Search Foresight can offer genuine analytics expertise focused on the main tools used in the market:

  • Google Analytics
  • Omniture
  • Xiti

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the analytics services Search Foresight can provide:

  • Implementation of a tagging plan
  • Creating advanced segments & goals
  • Setting up profiles and filters
  • Configuring a sales funnel
  • Tracking international sites, sub-domains

Exploiting your data can be a tough task and you can be quickly swamped by a deluge of information. That’s why Search Foresight can create ad-hoc dashboards to suit your needs. At a glance you can then monitor the KPIS and data that interest you.


Our statistical analysis of your traffic will enable us to identify the reasons why your users decide to abandon their purchase journey.

Using our thermographic heatmap tools and carrying out A/B testing, we will be able to see and fully understand the behaviour of your visitors and offer you some recommendations which will help to improve your conversion rate.

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