Search Foresight is a strategic SEO specialist in support and Inbound Marketing.


Founded by two senior consultants, Search Foresight offers its clients a recognized know how:

  • SEO sites with strong SEO issues
  • Complex technical issues
  • Results-oriented clientele,

Forecasting search engine algorithms as well as technologies are changing faster. The mission of our Agency is to define and propose to our customers optimize strategies, which will not be obsolete before being fully implemented.

Search Foresight offers a wide range of services and modes of intervention to allow you to develop your organic traffic and develop all levers of inbound marketing: SEO, SMO, DAO, Solomo.

A successful SEO project is a project where your SEO Agency accompanies you not only in the definition of a tailor solutions strategy but also in its recommendations and offers solutions to your design and development teams.

Our agency does not believe in “infused science”, conducts continuous controls and optimizes your digital device based on reactions from Google and your competitive universe.

In the face of a constantly changing World Wide Web, where new uses and new applications are being invented every day, site editors need Experts who can give them a clear vision of their environment and future. But they also need more and more experts who can find operational solutions to achieve their goals.

The biggest brands and many important sites of the French web are already using our senior consultants. We work with more than sixty prestigious references offering a 100% WHITE HAT SEO approach.


Search Foresight is an autonomous and highly specialized Agency and works in a very integrated way with My Media Agency. This is especially true in strategic coaching where My Media’s resources and skills are deployed to determine the best approach for expanding customer traffic across all channels.

The SEM and SEO teams work together on a daily basis. This makes it possible to propose relevant arbitrages on the SEM budgets, especially when the progress in SEO can justify spanding reduction.



We must offer only perfectly secure approaches to our customers.



Why “Search Foresight”?

We chose this name because it symbolizes our vision of SEO and the contribution we want to offer our customers.

Our long-term vision: making available to our customers today the methods and technologies that will be used by everyone tomorrow is part of our DNA. This is especially true of contributions for referencing advanced technology sites such as:

  • NLP: Natural Language Processing
  • Recognition of named entities
  • NoSQL technologies and the BigData
  • NoSQL technologies and the BigData
  • Web mining and data mining

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